vocatium Trier + Großregion 2020

Fachmesse für Ausbildung+Studium
Termin noch offen Europahalle

08.30 - 15.00 o'clock, Free Entry

The forum for:

  • career choice and course of education: vocational training or academic university degree

An overview of the vocatium - benefits:

  • nearly 60 exhibitors
  • about 1,000 participating students per day of the fair, distributed over four time blocks
  • 1 to 4 set interviews per student
  • lectures by exhibitors on topics of interest

A good preparation is making the difference by the academy of vocatium:

  • around 140 in class workshops at 50 schools in preparation for the fair
  • workshops for teachers, parents, exhibitors and partners all year long
  • learning-app (Serious Game) vocatium2go
  • fair guide and online job market


Anja Karliczek
Federal Minister for Education and Research

IfT-Contact Person:

Ulrike Schröder

E-Mail: u.schroeder@if-talent.de

Tel.: +49 6502 9379432

Address of the venue:


Viehmarktplatz 15

54290 Trier

At vocatium Trier + Großregion 2020 are attenting 59 exhibitors.