vocatium Oderregion 2021

Fachmesse für Ausbildung+Studium
20.05.2021 Brandenburg-Halle

08.30 - 14.45 o'clock, Free Entry

Job orientation for German and Polish students

Vocational training? Studying? Going abroad? It is not easy for young adults to make the right decision. Vocatium, a fair specialized for vocational training and studies, is the perfect opportunity for German or Polish young adults to get informed and build contacts. 

For more than 10 years the IfT Institut für Talententwicklung has been involved in a German-Polish cooperation. In 2018 this involves the vocatium fairs:

  • Uckermark/Südliches Vorpommern/Stettin(Szczecin) (in Prenzlau)
  • Oderregion (in Frankfurt/Oder)
  • Lausitz/Niederschlesien (in Cottbus)

The unique attraction of the fairs are the predetermined and arranged interviews between students and exhibitors. The oragnizers are visiting schools beforehand to motivate and inform the students about the fair and how to behave during interview stuations. In addition to that, special lectures about job orientation or specific trainigs are offered on the day of the fair.


Forums for questions about job orientation are are held for Polish schools and institutions from Stettin/Szczecin to Görlitz/Zgorzelec by the vocatium Akademie.


Anja Karliczek
Bundesministerin für Bildung und Forschung

IfT-Contact Person:

Magdalena Baron

E-Mail: m.baron@if-talent.de

Tel.: +49 335 4015056

Address of the venue:


Stendaler Straße 28

15234 Frankfurt (Oder)

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